Why Baldinos?
Baldinos is just, well, different. We bake our bread fresh every day, throughout the day. We slice meats to order, and we actually have a flat top grill where, believe it or not, we actually cook things on. We work hard to get it right and we do our best to make sure you know we appreciate your business.

Where Can I Find your Menu?
You can find the link to our lunch menu right here:

Do you Cater?
We make Party Subs by the Foot, and Boxed Lunches. Delivery is available for a nominal fee.

How do I find out about Special Offers?
Sign up HERE for our Loyalty Club, You get free stuff and discounts

How do I get a gift card for Baldinos?
Come into the shop and we have gift cards available for sale. Sorry, we can’t sell gift cards over the phone and you must pay for the cards with cash or provide photo ID with your credit card payment.

What is your return policy?
We hate to make mistakes, but sometimes we do. If you are dissatisfied with our food or service, be cool and let’s work it out. Call the shop you ordered from Immediately (not tomorrow, or next week :) ) and ask to speak with the manager on duty. The MOD will be happy to assist you. Just remember, if you’re uncool or just want to call and yell at us, we reserve the right to ignore you, because acting like a tool gets you nowhere.

My credit card was charged twice
If you’re like a lot of folks, you like to use online banking and watch your bank account. Sometimes you’ll see something called a pre-authorization in your online account. It will look like a double charge and is completely normal. Once we close our Card Machines out, the extra ‘charge’ should fall off in a few banking days. Not all banks are the same, and some take longer to drop the authorization off. If it's been longer than a week, you should contact your bank.

Who do I talk to for a donation or fundraising for my non-profit?
We love being able to help out in the community, just email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and pitch us your idea. We have a small budget and we like to spend the boss's money, make it a good pitch for a worthwhile cause.

Where can I apply for a job?
You can apply online, right here

Do you have a mascot?
No, but we’re open to suggestions.

Nutrition Facts?
We currently do not have specifics on our menu. What we can tell you is our Turkey is 99% fat free, and our Deli Ham and Roast Beef come in at 95% fat free. We use real provolone cheese. You can take simple steps to a healthier meal, such as asking for your sub made into a salad, or avoiding things like Mayo and Ranch dressing.

Allergy Info
Since we cook and prep things in our kitchens, there’s no guarantee of a truly 100% allergen free work area. If you have a specific food allergy please inform the server taking your order. We will take precautions such as clearing the work area, using fresh gloves, and working only on your order or specific items. This will add preparation time to your order, so please be patient.

Are you Gluten free?
Well, there’s lots of bread floating around here, BUT, naturally the following are gluten free:

Our base garden salad with Lettuce, Onions, tomatoes and Cucumbers.

All of our deli meats, Hams, Salami, Pepperoni, Turkey, Roast Beef and Capicola, as well as our provolone cheese.

Off the grill, our Steaks, and Chicken are gluten free, but our Meatballs, Sausage and Gyros will have trace amounts.

Where is your corporate office?
The cumberland county Franchisee Office is based at 304 Owen drive, Fayetteville, NC 28304. If you need to reach someone there, you can call (910) 483-1053 and listen to the prompts.

Who “Owns” Baldinos?
Good question, and long story. Here’s the short version, in Cumberland County, the Pappas Family owns the franchise here, and has been operating Baldinos since about 1977.

Do you sell Franchises?
For information on Baldinos Franchises, you’d have to reach out to www.baldinos.us